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Dantec Automation, founded 22 years ago by Paul Daniel,

provides a specialist service for the sales & support  of 

Process Control & Electronic weighing equipment 

manufactured by :


PMA Prozeb und Maschinen Automation GmbH 

( Formerly Philips Industrial Automation ) 




GWT GLOBAL Weighing Technologies GmbH

( Formerly Philips Weighing )



                                    Contact :   Paul Daniel

                                    Address:   Dantec Automation

                                                        1 Towngate Road


                                                        South Yorkshire 

                                                        S35 0AR


                                   Telephone +44  (0)114 286 2518


                                    FAX            +44  (0)114 286 4138


                                    E mail        web@dantec-automation.co.uk




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