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Two new stars in the UNIFLEX family
Trip alarm with universal input
Transmitter with built-in bridge supply for strain gauges and load cells
Four-wire transmitters 
  Uniflex CI/CB
freely configurable ("top hat" rail mounting) 
  Uniflex CM
pre-configured ("top hat" rail mounting) 
Two-wire transmitters 
  Uniflex T/Tex
(mounted in connecting head) 
  Uniflex HRT
with HART protocol (mounted in connecting head) 
  Uniflex Tiso/Tisex
with galvanic isolation (mounted in connecting head) 
  Uniflex R/Rex
("top hat" rail mounting) 
  Uniflex Risre/Ris(r)ex
with galvanic isolation and relay output  ("top hat" rail mounting) 
  Uniflex Riso/Risex
with galvanic isolation ("top hat" rail mounting) 
Programming tool for 2-wire transmitters 
  Uniflex Converter
Programming tool for 2-wire transmitters 
Power supplies for 2-wire transmitters 
  TPS HART Isolating power supply
with SMART communication 
TPS HRT Transmitter power supply
  TPS "single" transmitter power supply 
  TVS Isolating amplifier 
Other sensors 
  Resistance thermometers 
  Pt 100 sensor for aircon applications 
  Mineral-insulated sensors 
  Mineral-insulated resistance thermometers 
  Mineral-insulated thermocouples 
  Head-mounted transmitter KTM 
  Clip-on transmitter WTA 


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