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Paperless recorder with electronic data acquisition and display on a screen

The Data Monitor KS 3010 is a freely configurable, microprocessor- controlled unit for measurement, storage, visualization, monitoring, documentation, and evaluation of process data. 
Format 200 x 144 mm 
Full-colour display screen, no chart paper, 
no printing head 
Input data sampled every 125 ms 
6 or 12 inputs, freely configurable 
Inputs for mV, V, mA, TC, RTD 
Accuracy class 0,2 
6 adjustable limit values
Measurement data stored on diskette 
Choice of several visualization modes
Data evaluation in the unit or subsequently in a PC 
Also available as the KS 3010 mobil in a rugged
portable housing for on-site use, e.g. for commissioning, maintenance, and service 


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