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KS 50 Temperature Controller for Electrical Heating  
Format 48 x 96 mm (1/8 DIN) 
Universal input 
2 or 3-point control with 2 alarms 
Start-up circuit for hot runners 
Heating current monitor 
Display of output signal and heating currrent 

New: KS 50 with fully automatic adaption

With the newly-introduced function "adaptation to set-point" , the KS 50 our proven temperature controller for electrically-heated machines, moulds and plants offers even better means for excellent control results. The adaptation to set-point is able to determine the optimum control parameters fully automatically, thus saving time and energy during start-up (e.g. after a change of material or mould). After extensive testing in extrusion plants and hot-runner systems, the new function will now be fitted as standard.

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