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Clip-on housing for "top-hat" DIN rails 
3-point or 3-point stepping control for thermocouples and Pt 100 input 
Start-up circuit for hot-runners 
Stand-by function 
Heating current monitor 
CANbus / CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, RS 422/485 
Interface for PC, Engineering Tool or operating
terminal BT 800 

New functions for the multi-controller KS 800 

Following CANbus and PROFIBUS-DP , the successful KS 800 will soon be available in a version for Device-Net . Furthermore, the controller can now be supplied with 8 additional analog outputs. This allows analog actuators to be controlled with a 0...20mA (0...10V) signal, so that heating or cooling devices with a continous input can be connected directly.
In addition, the function "water cooling" (evaporation principle) is included as standard.
Unused digital inputs/outputs of the controller can also be addressed directly by the central PLC system.
Via a freely configurable process data module and the Engineering Tool, data can be defined for transmission on the PROFIBUS-DP link. With CANbus and the LMT service, the KS 800-CAN can be addressed via its serial number, thus allowing individual identification e.g. of transmission speed and node address.

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