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Compact Weighing Indicator PR 1612/02








High accuracy weighing indicator for W&M approved applications (3000 d EC certificate acc. to EN 45501/ corresp. to OIML R 76)
Display resolution up to 48.000 d
2 opto-isolated limit outputs
Bidirectional serial interface: optional TTY, RS 232 or RS 422/485
Simple process integration: optional via BCD- or analogue output
As an option various communication protocols are available
Use inside Hazardous-areas of Zone 2 (IIC T4) possible
CE-Certificate of conformity



The Compact Weighing Indicator PR 1612/02 is designed for standard tank and hopper weighing applications. In addition, it fulfils the requirements for simple platform or truck scales.

Being bright and rich in contrast, the vacuum flourescent display allows good readability over wide viewing angles, even under bad conditions.

The IP 65 front panel with display section and keyboard withstands rough environments.

Due to the load cell connection in 6-wire technique, distances of up to 300 m between the indicator and the load cells are permitted without any loss of accuracy. Maximum 6 load cells of 600 Ohm or 4 of 350 Ohm input resistance can be connected.

Because of two independent interfaces, the PR 1612/02 can be used stand alone by connecting e.g. a printer or a remote display and also as a weight data source for higher level automation systems. This may be realized easily via the optional BCD- or analogue outputs or via communication with serial interface.

Depending on the requirements, optional TTY, RS 422/485 or RS 232 can be provided.

Furthermore, a software option may be activated by entering a licence number to release the communication protocols DUST 3964R, Teleperm and JBUS/MODBUS.





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