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Compact Weighing terminal PR 1613/03 PR 1613/04












High accuracy weighing indicator for W&M approved applications (5000 d EC certificate acc. to EN 45501/corresp. to OIML R 76)
Additional to the features for PR 1613/00 the terminal enables complete operation directly from the device
24 V AC/DC supply possible (PR 1613/04)
Use inside Hazardous-areas of Zone 2 (IIC T4) possible
CE-Certificate of conformity


The compact weighing terminal PR 1613/03 combines the functions of a high accuracy (Weight & Measures) indicator and an operating terminal. The terminal has been designed for applications which require an operating function in addition to the weighing function, e.g. for weighbridges, platforms or batching processes. A built-in programmable controller combined with programmable weighing sequences (by means of options PR 1613/10 or PR 1613/20) enable the terminal to be used for solving low to medium complexity automation tasks, or as a sub-station in highly complex automation systems.


The compact weighing terminal PR 1613/03 in a robust stainless steel housing for wall or stand mounting can also be used as a table-top unit. In connection with options PR 1613/10 or PR 1613/20, the built-in alpha-numeric keyboard and the two-line, 20-digit vacuum flourescent display ensure the operating function.

Max. 4 optional serial interfaces facilitate the the connection of e.g. a badge reader, a bar-code reader, a remote indicator, a programmable controller or host computer.

Optionally, 4 analog inputs or 1 analog output are available for analog signal processing.

A parallel printer interface permits connection of a printer.

Output of weight data (gross weight, net weight, tare weight, etc.) e.g. to a programmable controller, or the extension by 24 additional outputs (in connection with PR 1613/10 or PR 1613/20) is possible with the optional BCD-output PR 1608/00.

The pulse counter interface PR 1610/00 enables batching of quantities via pulses e.g. with processes where liquids are in use.

The flexibility of programming of the weight terminal is ensured by the options PR 1613/10 and PR 1613/20 so that the use of keyboard, display, weighing sequences, inputs and outputs in a weighing process can be programmed to optimal user requirements. Programmnig is done by means of a PC and the PRSYS software package. 

This tool comprises an editor for convenient, menu- guided programme generation, modification and completion and for easy integration of functions such as customer data acquisition via a badge reader or a traffic light and gate barrier control in the process.

The printing format can be matched to virtually any layout of weight tickets, delivery bills or batch reports.

Modified or edited programs are checked for plausibility, stored and downloaded into the PR 1613/03. Storage in the unit is in a RAM with battery backup for protection in case of mains failure.

We also offer program changing for customers who prefer having this service done by Philips experts. Moreover, in-house training courses for user-specific programmnig are available.

Option PR 1613/10 includes a weighbridge program, where as option PR 1613/20 comprises a standard program for batching applications. Furthermore, software option PR 1613/05 provides the DUST 3964R, Teleperm or JBUS/MODBUS protocols for communication with a Siemens S5 programmable controller, a Siemens Teleperm M supervisory system, or a Télémécanique or April programmable controller.

All software options are activated by entry of a licence number assigned to a particular unit.





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