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PR 1615/00 + PR 1615/02 Compact Batching Controller





All kinds of multicomponent batching including various control components.
EC conformity certificate 3000 d according to EN 45501 (for PR 1615/02).
Dialogue oriented operation in selectable language using multiple choise technique.
Maximum 10.000 display divisions for weight indication.
Batch and consumption report on alpha-numeric display and via print-out.
Adaption of process interfaces by function allocation and extension by options.
Communication with supervisory systems according to various protocols.
CE-Certificate of conformity



The Compact Batching Controller PR 1615/00 is suitable for multi component batching processes in stand-allone applications as well as medium and complex batching applications in conjunction with higher level process automation systems.

A selectable number of batches as well as continuous processing can be chosen. Full manual control via display and keyboard in dialogue form with clear text messages in the selected language makes the PR1615 a self-explanatory and easy to handle instrument.

The two vacuum flourescent displays assures a wide viewing angle and excellent contrast even under bad conditions. The front panel withstands rough industrial environment.

In addition to that, the PR 1615 can be fully remote controlled by supervisory systems via communica- tion procedure. Data and command interchange according to the EW, Modbus or DUST 3964R protocol can be easily made via serial communication link.

The interlock to the process is made via control inputs and outputs. The adaption of all kinds of interfaces to requirements by function allocation and extension by options enables the easy integration in industrial production plants. Due to a load cell connection in 6-wire technique distances of up to 300 m between the PR 1615 and the load cells are permitted without any loss of accuracy.



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